Human Rights, Clindren and Migration
of UN Committees
concluding observations
2000 / 2010
Last update: Sep, 2011
About us
The National University of Lanús


The National University of Lanús is located in Remedios de Escalada, in the city of Lanús in the province of Buenos Aires. UNLa’s primary mission is to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the region through the production and distribution of knowledge as well as scientific and technological innovations. It aims to strengthen democratic values throughout society by articulating universal knowledge with the knowledge produced by our community.

UNLa is part of a collective project that aims to fulfill its social responsibility by training professionals, intellectuals and technicians as well as citizens, who are engaged in community building efforts to improve her quality of life.

UNLa is organized into several academic departments and centers, and includes technical degrees, grade degrees, specializations, Master’s and Ph.D. programs.  Standing out among UNLa’s extensive academic departments and centers, is the Center for Human Rights and its work on human rights, quality of life, new scenarios and ethics.


The Center for Human Rights of the National University of Lanus (CDHUNLa) works on research, teaching and promotion of human rights as a component of public policy and the democratic system

Through the Center, UNLa promotes and develops research which aims to construct an academic field in human rights in the context of contemporary issues and debates. The Center carries out research on the rights-based approach to public policies; the impact of international human rights at the local level, particularly on the federal organization; local government (municipal) policies and human rights; the role of the judiciary in the intersection between rights and policies; among others. Studies have also been developed on human rights and migration policies, in particular the human rights of irregular migrants and the rights of migrant children and adolescents.

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