Human Rights, Clindren and Migration
of UN Committees
concluding observations
2000 / 2010
Last update: Sep, 2011
Why this Tool?

This database, created by UNLa and UNICEF, compiles all the Concluding Observations formulated by UN Committees in the past decade, specifically on the rights of children affected by migration. This includes migrant children, both unaccompanied, separated and with their families; children left behind in the country of origin; and children born to migrant parents in countries of transit and destination process.

Human Rights, Children and Migration Database, is an input to facilitate and enable monitoring of compliance with the commitments made by states. It also assists in the task of identifying the challenges, and good practices related to the human rights of children and adolescents throughout the migration process.

This might be a key reference for encouraging legislative and policy reform processes aimed at ensuring child rights within the migration processes, as well as for mapping the extent and variety of human rights challenges within the migration-development nexus.

This database is a tool and practical guide meant to:
-    Analyze policies, practices and laws related to migration and childhood, in light of international standards.
-    Map current global, regional, and national obstacles and challenges for migrant children in all the stages of migration process from a gender perspective.
-    Highlight the linkages between development, children’s rights, and root causes of migration, from a rights, age, and gender perspective.
-    Draw attention to the human rights of children and adolescents during the entire migration process.
-    Highlight the importance of the observations of the UN Human Rights Committees and the standards released by them.
-    Make visible and disseminate human rights standards related to children, migration, and development.
-    Promote legislative and policy reform initiatives aimed at harmonizing domestic legislation and policies with international human rights standards on children and migration.

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